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Diners United is the consumer association of the Restaurant Opportunities Centers (ROC) United, mobilizing restaurant diners in support of livable wages and working conditions for the nation’s 14+ million restaurant workers.

Diners United (formerly ‘The Welcome Table’) launched in 2013 and has been gaining momentum ever since.


We are people who love food and want a just food system. We leverage our networks, resources, skills and consumer power alongside restaurant workers and ‘High Road’ restaurants in the fight for truly fair wages and working conditions and a restaurant industry we can all be proud of.


With over 20 million workers nationwide, the US food industry is one of the largest and fastest growing sectors of our economy. The restaurant industry employs over 14 million workers, but unfortunately, it is also the lowest-paying sector in America.

Did you know that the minimum wage for tipped workers has been stuck at $2.13 since 1991?

Diners United works with ROC United’s ONE FAIR WAGE campaign – mobilizing states around the country to eliminate their subminimum wage for tipped workers so that employers pay all their employees at least the minimum wage.  As diners, we can be part of building a sustainable food system and thriving local economies that are good for all of us.


Become a Member of Diners United and be part of the growing network of people who care about the food they eat and the people behind it. Dues are $10/month ($120/year) and you receive discounts at COLORS restaurants, Diners United and ROC United events, and more.

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